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It all started with five sisters. 

Crystal, Carla, Caren, Colleen, and Corinne Clegg.  Our amazing mother, Marilyn Clegg, was known as the original "good witch".  Of course, her birthday was one day before Halloween!  Marilyn taught her girls to be gracious, welcoming of all guests, and to always have fun treats to offer. The good witch sisters, have joined forces to bring you this wonderful shop filled with eclectic finds and many fun treats!

The 5 Clegg Girls Legacy Lives on

From Rt-Lt Crystal, Carla, Caren, Colleen, & Corinne (Clegg)
July 2020  & Christmas 2017

dad's service.jfif
xmas pics edit.jpg

Lt-Rt below, Owner, Crystal Ranker, Melissa Wager, & Corinne Gray

winter event 3.jfif
family photo early ages.jpg

Above the iconic 1960's photo with Bill & Marilyn Clegg & the five girls

Below our beautiful mother, Marilyn Clegg, when she was in high school.  

mom 2.JPG
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