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Meet The Artisans Selling at Eclectic Cottage....

Meet Bilal Ali/Hair Shimmer Expert!

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bilal kathy 3.jpg

pics from our Dec. Shimmer Event above- Bilal & Kathy Plummer

     If you haven’t met our amazing Bilal Ali, you are missing out!  We just love having this artisan in our shop for our hair shimmer events with him.  Bilal works his magic with silk hair shimmers.  He is such a pleasure to have in the shop and everyone just LOVES him.  

     The minute you sit in his chair and he starts expressing his ideas about the perfect shimmer colors for you, you know you are in for a treat.  Then he puts in these delicate silk shimmers so lovingly, by the time you are done you feel like the QUEEN OF ALL QUEENS.  

     We have officially made Bilal one of the “sisters” of the shop.  Also, he is working on his training in magic crafts alongside the eclectic head witch, Crystal, as they train in positive witchcraft.  

     We just can’t get enough of him.  Watch for more events with Bilal coming soon.

below-Bilal, Kelsey & Evelyn Parker

More about Bilal (autobiography)  

   I was born in Pakistan and migrated to the US at the age of 7.  I moved here with my family and we first lived in Houston, TX.  After 5 years of living in Texas, my father bought a business at Crossroads Mall in Boulder, CO.  I grew up in Boulder and went to Casey Middle rather than Boulder High.  I really enjoyed growing up in Boulder.  I have a BA from Front Range Community College in Arts and Science.  Shortly after graduating, I worked at Wells Fargo for close to a decade and  loved it!  

     After leaving the financial world I went "soul searching" and stumbled across cosmetology school where I finished my cosmetology classes, and that's where I learned how to shimmer!  I am a self taught hair shimmer designer and that's what keeps me busy in the hair world.  Since the pandemic, I had to switch gears and decided to go back into the corporate world.  I am now a Sales Development Representative at a software company.  One thing I've realized is how much I missed the corporate world.  Now I stay busy with work and doing shimmers on the side.  I love my sisters at the Eclectic Cottage and we sure do have a lovely time there!

bilal kelsey 2.jpg
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